Wednesday, August 23, 2006

One more ball game photo... I love this one of Josiah, you can even see all his freckles!
Mariners Vs. Yankees 8/22/06

For my dad's birthday & father's day we treated him to a Mariner's game. We choose the Yankees game because Alex has always been a HUGE fan of A-Rod, and so, he is a fan of the Yankees... I know, I know, seeing the Yankees hat on one of my children's head is so sad and the worst part about last night was when we realized Alex's hat was too small and my mom treated him to a new one so Alex gave his kids one to Josiah. So now I have two boys with Yankees hats... where in the world did I go wrong?

The evening started out innocent enough, until Alex took a bite of his sandwich from Subway and broke a tooth... What did he put in his sandwich? It was one more reminder that Nathan had originally broken the same tooth of Alex's in a pillow fight two years ago...

Overall we had a great time! Josiah kept himself busy with my digital camera (I think i deleted more than 40 useless photos). He learned a bit of patience, on a digital camera you have to push the button & wait. We got lots of photos of the guys on the field, of the flags behind us, the lights, several of the sky... there was nothing in the sky. He learned to get peoples heads instead of their feet and at one point he was directing us so he could get silly pictures. And did I mention that he took great effort in taking a picture of his finger? After a few failed attempts, Josiah finally got this picture of me & David.

Here is a self portait of Josiah...he looks a little tired...

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. The Mariners tied the game up in the 7th and Josiah learned what the Rally Rag was used for... we all received one when we entered the staduim. My poor dad had to hold his hand up to keep from getting hit in the head while Josiah swung it around. He got really excited when the staduim went bonkers and he was right there to join in.

and then there is my quest to get some great family photos in different places. Will I ever get all three of them to look at the camera and smile??? The joys of boys :-).

Monday, August 14, 2006

We had a good time at the Branley Family Picnic this year. It was at my Aunt Mary Jo's in Enumclaw. Josiah got to ride a horse and Alex and the other kids played crochet, football & baseball. It was hot, but a lot of fun to connect with the family.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

See what I mean by hot pants?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The last two weeks have been really busy. Sorry for the lack of posts, but my camera died while camping and I have been waiting for a cord to my new camera to download all the fun stuff we have been doing.

Last Friday we enjoyed one of the Seafair festivities by going to the Tour de Terrace to enjoy some great food and watch a smaller version of the Torchlight parade. It is a great parade and you get to see the Seafair clowns, Seafair Pirates & the Lake City Vigalanties, all with a lot less crowd to deal with. All three of these groups is something that I remember from when I was a kid going to these parades and I am excited to get the chance for my kids to have the same memories.
Alex has been hiding away at Grandma Billie's for the last few weeks so unfortunatley none of the photo's contain him... I will try and get a bunch when we pick him up this weekend!

On saturday we went to Mikayla's birthday party at an Aqua Sox game. We had a great time watching the game and just hanging out with our friends.