Friday, December 28, 2007


We decided to take Josiah to work again today since he did so well on Monday, plus it's still really quiet in the office so he wont bug anyone.

And that also meant a trip to the LIBRARY! Not just any library, the downtown library, the library I have been telling Josiah about for months... the library that has 10 floors of books.

When we first walked in we saw the kids book section- which makes any kids section in a Snohomish library look pitiful. There was EVERY kind of book and in several langues. We immediatley got Josiah an application for his own card. Here he is signing it.

But of course the first floor wasn't enough, we took the escaltors up to the 10th floor. It was great, on each escalator we could see the different floors with their shelves of books. Josiah's eyes we huge, he was in awe of all the books.

Here we are on the top floor

It was very cold and windy outside, so I couldn't get a picture of him outside so we went back to the office with our stack of books and took a picture "In front" of the library...

So far it's been a fun day!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Dinning Room Table

Well, what can I say I sew here, we eat here and now it's become the spot where a war is taking place between the Viking Lego's and the Castle Lego's. The viking's are seriousely out numbered so Josiah knows they will loose.

Just so you know, this doesn't even hit the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Josiah's lego's. And also know David put them all together- I don't know who had more fun.

I guess our dining room table has many roles in our home.

Now these next set of photos are just some funny faces we took to help cheer up a friend of mine, who claims she is checking my blog often for a smile today... you know who you are.

Hope you all had a great day!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas day

I love Christmas, I love the reason, I love the family time and I love just hanging out with everyone and this year was no different.
My mom called at 7:40 to see if we were awake, I told her to head our way and I would get the boys up. I was actually surprised Josiah was still sleeping. After I woke him up he ran in my room and asked if he could go see if the stockings were filled. He ran out in the living room and came back yelling that Santa had come. We sat around and enjoyed each others company and then once my parents arrived we went for the gifts.

Josiah got a LOT of lego's

One of the gifts from Santa was a video game... but Santa brought us a game for a Wii- which we don't have so Josiah was a little confused.

Santa remembered the Red & Black bionicles.

Alex got a Reggie Bush jersey ( NO Saints)

Alex also got a dock for his iPod and another Wii game. Boy santa isn't a very good video game shopper.

David received a book card, some movies & a deep fryer

Cori got a new bath robe (actually two so I can have one while the others being washed and I never have to worry about getting in the dryer so I can use it) an ornament & a Wii!!!!! I guess Santa knew what he was doing.

We spent the rest of the morning playing the Wii. For being a video game console I was never so tired in my life when I got done. It is a LOT of fun and a LOT of exercise.

Before Alex headed to his dad we took our annual family photo. Since my parents were still here I didn't have to use the timer. Out of the MANY photos taken this one was the best...

After my nap we drove through the snow (!!!!!!) and headed to my brother's house to see Gabe open some gifts. It was a lot of fun. Sorry no more pictures from the afternoon, I was too busy enjoying my nephew and family to even think about the camera.

I hope you all had a wonderful relaxing day enjoying the birthday of our Lord and Savior.

For unto you, is born this day, in the city of David a Savior who is Christ the Lord (Luke 2:10).

Now back to bowling with the boys on the Wii!!!!

Christmas Eve

David and I had to work on Christmas eve, but we knew that they would close the office early, so we decided to take Josiah to work with us instead of leaving him home with Alex.
Since Josiah hadn't seen Santa yet I asked David to drop us off in front of Nordstrom at 7:15 so we could get a good spot in line.

We were only about 20 families back in line and Santa didn't start until 8:00. Santa came through the line giving everyone a high five and then he had a microphone on so we could hear him through the glass window talking to everyone. It was really neat. He was great with the kids and after photos he spent time talking with each child.

It took about 45 minutes to get to our turn, but when it was time Santa called Josiah up by name and he got his chance.

Josiah told Santa he wanted a red bionicle, a black bionicle (legos) and a scuba mask so he can breathe under water. I gave Santa a thumbs up to the first two and he assured Josiah he would do his best for the scuba gear.

After that we headed back to work. I had told Josiah about the Seattle Library for months and told him we would go today. He LOVES the library so when he found out that this one was more than one floor of books his face lit up. Unfortunatley, it wasn't open on Christmas eve!! we were so bummed. I am going to see if it's open on New Year's eve, if not we will have to make a weekend trip.

after lunch Josiah and I decided we would head downtown for a little while, because David couldn't leave work til 2:00 (he offered to let the receptionist go home early since she had some stuff to do).
It was so neat to see downtown through Josiah's eyes. I love everything about downtown, so it was neat to see him light up at the simplest things- big buildings, Christmas trees, the macy's star, people, everything was new and magical.

We took the chance to go on the merry go round that's up for Christmas.

And saw a lot of the nutcrackers that are all over downtown.

We did some shopping and ended up at Starbucks for a hot chocolate & rice krispie treats.

Later that night David's family came over to exchange gifts and have some fun.

It was a fun day. We had a great time and enjoyed spending time with the family.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Another fun filled weekend

So we will start with Friday...
Friday night David and I enjoyed our work holiday party. It was held at Safeco field (where the Mariner's play) and they even had the batting cages open for us. Here is David swing for the fences.

I also took a few swings. I didn't do too badly. I hit 3 out of 10, so for someone who has never swung at a fast pitch ball I was pretty happy.
After that they tried to get the dance floor hopping... I'm not a dancer, but David is.

I refused to dance because I have no rythym and I saw the coworkers get their camera's out. So David enjoyed dancing with everyone else...

On Saturday Alex went to Leavenworth for his annual trip with my parents. We didn't go this year because of other commitments we had made on the same day.

Josiah & I went to the Angel Breakfast at church, where we met up with Cassandra & Nathan. To my surprise Josiah really liked the breakfast and crafts

On Saturday night our Sunday School class had their Christmas party and it was a blast, as usual.
On Sunday my brother, his wife & my nephew Gabe showed up for a little while. We had a good time playing with Gabe and seeing his personality shine through! Babies are so much fun!

Friday, December 14, 2007

First Book!!

Josiah read me his FIRST BOOK today!!! I was so excited, it took everything in me not to tear up (yes I'm overly emotional). It was a paper book he got at school to practice.

I will get pictures later (I told him that tonight I want him to read me a bed time story tonight)!!

I am so excited!

This is Josiah 2nd book. We started his first night with the B Book by Dr. Sueus.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Decorations

I didn't know when we would have time to pull out all our decorations for Christmas, so when dinner ended up being quick and easy David got to work on pulling out the decorations from the garage.

Alex standing on a chair helping with the lights.

And the finished product

My favorite thing on the tree:

it's an old angel that I have. I absolutley love it and even as my tree slowy becomes 100% disney i will never change the tree topper.

The stockings also went up...

And our manger was put out. Sorry no photos of that- yet. I want to tweak it a little more.

we had a fun evening and to my surprise to family fight. I love getting everything ready and having a warmly lit tree in the house. It's begining to feel a lot like Christmas!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

A weekend to remember

On friday we went to the rehearal dinner for Kim's Wedding. It was a lot of fun and it ended with a wiffle ball tournament.

We had a lot of fun and everyone got a chance to hit. Afterwards some girls went to Dick's for some last minute comfort food. Lorena Gate, Christina (Keith's sister), Heather Jameson, Tracy Muter & Kim all enjoyed some people watching, greasy food & some great shakes:

(Sorry Lorena, I know this isn't a good shot). We dropped Lorena off and the rest of us headed back to the hotel for a last bachlorette hoorah.

The next morning we got up way to early to get our hair & make done for Kim's wedding.

taking a breather

and getting ready to walk down the aisle... don't worry she took the glasses off just in time

The wedding was a LOT of fun! we had a blast and and I am soooo very happy for my best friend her her fabulous new husband. for a LOT more photos and wedding stories you will have to wait and see Kim's blog. I know she has a LOT to post in the coming weeks so be sure to stop by often!!!!

A weekend to remember Part 2

On Sunday, David & I signed up to walk the 5k Jingle Bell walk/run for arthritis. we joined Sadie's Stars team. Sadie Jordan from church is one of the girls we went to Disneyland with and she struggles with RA. I am so encouraged by her positive spirit that when this came up I wanted to do this for her. We became and "official" member when we received our matching scarfs for the team.

As we started the race it started to snow just little bit. It was so much fun. After the 5k walk David & I headed down to the game.

Josh Brown fratenizing with the enemy.

Kurt Warner (AZ QB) looking at the camera! Say cheese!
And for all those football fans...

The NFL replay booth... this is were good and bad stuff happen.

It was such and exhausting weekend. Looking back I don't think I would ever plan so much in two days again. But I did have a great time and I am so glad I have these memories!