Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How long til we leave....

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Well Alex started playing baseball on the 17th of this month. As you read earlier, he had his first homerun that day. On friday night I sat in the POURING down rain for two hours and enjoyed him playing again. Now being a true Seattlite- I don't own an umbrella so I was SOAKED to the bone. But I got a few pictures.

On Saturday we chose a dryer way to enjoy the game, we parked the van on the hill behind the outfield and let Josiah & Mikayla (My best friends daughter who spent the day with us) watch a movie so we could enjoy the game.

Josiah is a little silly....

A few days ago he begged me to draw a happy face on his belly so he could make it talk. I don't know where he gets his sense of humor.

Friday, March 23, 2007

What a Crazy week!

Ok first, I went on our bi-annual women's retreat with my church, it was so fantastic! I am already looking foward to the next one. Below is a picture of my room mates- Kim, Stacie & Jennifer. We stayed up lated playing spoons & pranks.

While I was at Women's Retreat Alex had his opening game for baseball. He called me saturday afternoon to tell me he hit a HOMERUN!?!?!?!!! I couldn't believe I missed his first one! Sorry no pictures of baseball yet, since the last two games have been rained out. I am hoping to see him hit another home run soon! I am so glad he has a sport he really enjoys!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Alex's Weekend!

This was a busy weekend for us. Alex was asked to be on the AWANA Games again this year. This will be his last year in AWANA so these games were special to watch.

After 10 different games his team came out on top, first place! what an exciting day. The games involve running around the AWANA cirlce, tossing the bean bag & my favorite the 4 way tug of war.

On Sunday Alex had a Baseball Jamboree. It was a good practice game for the boys. Sorry, I didn't get any pictures. As I was sitting there under four blankets, and bundled up to avoid the wind & rain, I decided that pulling my camera out of my pocket envolved exposing myself to the conditions. Hopefully at the start of baseball season next week the weather will be a little nicer, or I will find a better parking spot that will allow me to watch from the car.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

New Addition!

We got a new addition in our house. For those of you who may not know here is the background: David and I have always had one car, for seven years, we have juggled schedules, waited around and begged other people for rides when needed. well this week marks a huge milestone in the Lewis household... a second car. It's hard to see in this photo cause of the snow, but it's there behind Alex. It's a Kia Sedona, and we love it. Yes it's a minivan, but I don't think I could handle another baseball season with one car. What a huge blessing it is for us, we are already enjoying the benefits of the second car!


We got 6" of snow last night! It was an interesting storm, Mukilteo and Everett got hit hard and everyone else around us got 2-3" and just 5 miles south of us didn't get anything. For fear of freezing, I stayed in the house while david took the boys out. That was my excuse anyways, I have 3 quilts that need to be finished sooner or later. :-)

My little snow angel- which can be deceiving... he came in bouncing off the walls so I am not sure if 'angel' is a good description. :-)