Wednesday, August 29, 2007

David & Nathan

David's aunt just posted this on their blog from their wedding 20 years ago... The top one is David, the blonde kid is a cousin & the one on the bottom right is David's little brother Nathan. WOW, Josiah really got the Lewis genes.

My Weekend

It's really sad when you base the excitment of your days on whether or not you have anything interesting to put on the blog.... And even sadder when your friends notice that your life is so slow that the blog hasn't been updated. The sad fact is life is going crazy right now. At work we are moving buildings so my mind is swarming with logistics... the worst part is those in charge of everything are being tight lipped, so I've gotta help 100 people move with very little information- fun times.

On top of this choas, I offered to take Gabe for Saturday night & all day Sunday. Yes I was NUTS. We had our annual family picnic on Sunday and between my foot, a two month old and sheer exhaustion from not sleeping the night before I didn't get too many pictures, so here is what I did get...
Here's my mom with Gabe...

My Uncle Tom has a very quirky sense of humor, right before this pic he thought he'd scare my 3 year old cousid Caiden with a can of whip cream. Caiden didn't like Whip Cream on his face so my uncle Dan decided to get him back...

My Grandma Branley holding Gabe. It's always a good thing when their are new babies at the family picnic.

It was a really fun day. Tiring too. I slept like a log that night.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Best Husband Ever!

I hate to brag....
David had to run to our other building for work and completely surprised me with Market flowers.... I love flowers from the Market they are always so PRETTY and smell so WONDERFUL.

BTW, I posted this in hopes that I don't get into too much trouble for the clown nose photo below :-).

Keeping Busy

Ok, first let me give you a little background. The last two weeks have been complete CHOAS at work, by the time I get home my mind is so fried I can't even function. So last week when I found out about our Softball party I didn't even put two and two together that I had other plans that night... and to be honest, I didn't even put the two together until 10:00 last night when I saw I missed a call from Kim and my mouth hit the floor. I stood them all up, what a huge DORK I am. But in all honesty, I needed the break and being social would not have done that for me, so the other thing was a lot more fun and just what I needed (I feel TERRIBLE for not showing up to the party... sooooo sorry Kim!). I guess it just goes to show you that I really am a space case most of the time (Remember my hair is colored red, when I was a kid it was blonde).

So now onto the relaxing a FUN night we had. My mom and I both won tickets to the Everett Aquasox minor league team last night, so off we went. First, if you have ever been to a game you know to fill out all the contest stuff cause they do something inbetween every inning. So I grabbed all the forms, sat down & filled them out for all six of us.

Well right after the game started we here: "David Lewis & Doug Branley please report to the Comcast information booth"... Uh-oh... I'm in a LOT of trouble. Their eyes got HUGE... we didn't know what game they would be playing. My mom and I sat in our seats and laughed... what if it was the grocery cart game, where they raced carts around the basis... what if it was the trike race... uh oh... they are going to kill me.
Lucky for me it was the remote control car, which made me excited, the prize was $100.00 and my dad, who can't even work his TV, was going against David, which means David was a shoe in to win!

And their off, David takes an early leave, Doug... he can't get the car going... David's car hit's first base in no time, but not before trying to run over the right fielder... Doug can't get the car to get past second, it's stuck, or is it the operator, probably both. David rounds first and heads back and has a close collision with Doug, Doug still struggling to get past second, oh the Staff member has taken the remote control over and is returning Doug's car to the starting line...David wins by a LANDSLIDE.
It was a lot of fun.
We were also in the wheelchair seating and we got to enjoy Webby the Aquasox mascot for a bit.

Ok so later that night we here "Betty Branley, please report to the comcast booth" I am NOT kidding, I thought she was going to FREAK out. She won the prize from the WA Lotto. So she got a gift pack. It was a lot of fun. here are some random photos of the rest of the night.

Family Photo...

We all got clown noses when we left the park... David & Josiah were the only one's daring enough to get infront of the camera *insert evil laugh here*

overall it was a well needed family time. we had a great time and I need to remember the AuqaSox next year for some affordable family fun.


This last weekend David & his team took first place at a local softball Tournament. Then on Tuesday night they took second place in the League Championships... here's some photos for your enjoyment.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Another fun filled weekend!

We had another great weekend in the Lewis household. On Saturday I spent the afternoon with Kim shopping for dresses and David took his final physical test with PUD (Public Utilities District- he's trying to get into the lineman apprentance program).
Then on Sunday we had our company picnic at the zoo. It was a lot of fun, but with me not walking and on my little scooter we only got to wander a little before my knee was screaming at me...

Me, Alex & Josiah being Catepilars...

Josiah & I

Getting pics of the boys is getting harder and harder, here are some of Josiah, he is more than willing to pose for a few photos... and trust me I didn't direct him.

Which one is the monkey?

And the highlight of my weekend...
Alex came home from Grandma Billies!!! Although he left this morning for his annual camping trip with his dad... Yes... he needs a haircut.

Overall it was fun but tiring. I am looking foward to this weekend when all we have to look foward to is a softball tournament... oh boy I can't wait for a nap :-).

Monday, August 06, 2007

One thing I forgot

After the party and everything we were walking through the mall and Kim pointed this out...

They were holding hands.... oh it was SOOO cute, I couldn't believe it.

The Good thing about having boys....

Some of you may have heard me say this before, but I will say it again. Having two boys is so wonderful. There are so many perks. No boy bands, one pair of shoes at a time, no accessories, no barbie shoes to step on in the middle of the night, No weddings to pay for- only dinners.... I could go on and on.
The down side? I don't get to do girly stuff like shoe shopping, dress shopping, playing with barbies, taking a princess to Disneyland and going to libby lu. So thanks to my best friend Kim and her boyfriend Keith they have let me join in on the fun of all the great things they do with his daughter Mikayla. She turned 6 this weekend and I got invited to the birthay party at Libby Lu... I was so excited. Those that are new to the blog she is the one I also got to dress up in a Cinderella gown & spend the whole day in Disneyland with a real princess.
So we went to the mall a little early and took Mikayla (She spent a couple of hours with us before the party) and Josiah to build a bear...

Then my parents took Josiah to Underdog while we went to Libby Lu for everyone's Hannah Montana Makeovers. Here is just a couple of photos... If you want more I am sure Kim's blog will have more.
All the girls got to dress up, get lip gloss, eye shadow & their nails painted as well as a Hannah Montana wig & microphone. Then they turn on Hannah Montana music really loud and the girls take turn walking the runway and lip syncing to the tune.
Here is Mikayla:

It was a LOT of fun. She is really a great kid! Overall Boys are a lot more fun and easier to raise (until the puberty part, than I think it's a wash). But It's great to have a little girl I can borrow for just a few hours and enjoy all the girly things we get to do. Boys just really don't care unless it has to do with dirt or bugs :-).

And by the way, we spent the whole weekend spotting the Good Year Blimp. Since we live next to Pain Field it was not hard to spot.

This last weekend.

This last weekend was a BUSY one for us. Friday I took the day off, mainly to fight my ticket. For those who have been on the edge of you seat waiting to hear what happened. I instantly jumped at the chance for a defferment- that means as long as I don't get another ticket for one year it stays off my record.
On saturday we spent the whole day running errands. I was wiped out by the time the day was done. We hit three malls in ONE day! that's is a lot for us.
We went to the Army Surplus store and Josiah ran up to the statue of the army guy out side and yelled "Mom take my picture", David responded "Josiah, mommy doesn't have her camera". My mouth dropped... I ALWAYS have my camera.

Saturday night my dad's company (Community Transit) had their annual company picnic at the Aqua Sox game so Josiah & I tagged along since David was going to be "hanging out with the guys" that night.

Josiah got a spider web painted on his face at the picnic...

It ended up turning very cold at night. We curled up in blankets for most of the game. Hard to believe that it is August.

We sat in the wheel chair seating at the game and they are by far the best seats in the house. We were right next to the opening of the opposing teams dug out and feet from first base. We spent the evening keeping Josiah busy and at the end of the game one of the opposing team game out of the dugout and handed Josiah a bat. Josiah was so happy. Don't worry- we will be hanging on his wall, it will not be a toy :-).

We had a great time and the fireworks were fabulous! I can't wait to go back. Only going without a five year old might be a lot more fun. I didn't get to see much of the game, I was too busy keeping Josiah busy and my poor dad had to make so many trips to the potty :-).

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Finally a post

I feel a little lost, I haven't posted anything new & exciting for over a week!!! I am so sorry to those of you who check this daily. But our lives have been very quiet the last few days.
David played in our final CoEd game on Sunday, it was a devasting lost, but what a great season we had. I have been resting as much as possible, Still in a lot of pain and still dealing with the swelling. Friday morning I learn if I really do need to stay off of it for another 5 weeks, I'm hoping he will say "wow youa re healing so fast you can walk on it now" (I know, I'm wishful thinking) but I feel so useless and my house is a mess and David is having to take care of everything- he really is wonderful!
I should have some photos after this weekend!
I hope you all are doing well.