Monday, January 21, 2008

My Perfect Weekend

Sorry for the lack of post, but we have been busy with life and it's really nothing that we have captured on film or something worth blogging. Soonn Baseball will be starting up so the blog will be going wild.

On Saturday I was asked to describe my perfect Saturday. What I didn't know was that I was at the begining of a perfect weekend. Let me tell you about my perfect weekend.

Saturday was near perfect. After I got home from Bible Study David, Josiah & myself cleaned off Josiah's exploding bookshelf. Alex went to his dad's house (example one of why it wasn't perfect- no Alex). We then jumped in the van and headed for the library. I love going to the library, not because I enjoy reading, (I really don't) but because Josiah's face lights up with the overwhelming number of books. Then we took all of Josiah's old book's to half price books so he could trade them all in for a couple of new books.

Then home. We then spent the afternoon hanging out, playing games and I even got to work on my quilt... I will post on that later. David went to xbox night with the guys (reason 2 it was short of perfect, but I'm not complaining I enjoy an evening free now and then).
I spent the afternoon reading a new mystery novel and at Josiah's book time he came out and curled on the couch with me and we both read our books together. Too bad no photos. Josiah headed to bed & I told him I would tuck him in in a few minutes. Two minutes later Josiah came into the living room and very simply said "Mom, I think it's time you put the book down." I have to admit it was super cute.

Then I curled up in bed with a bad chick flick and ended up finishing my book anyways.

Sunday was a normal Sunday, Church and football. The Patriots won & so did the Giants. David proclaimed that there will be no Superbowl for him this year- ouch... we will see if he actually watched the game or not- I would be willing to bet he does.

And Monday was the PERFECT day. I actually spent the whole day in my PJ's. There was NO bickering between the boys and we all just hung out and yes, I even got to work on my quilt.

It's going to be hard going back to work tomorrow- especially since I have had a nap all three days. What a great weekend!

My New Quilt Project


My dad has drank Crown Royal whiskey since I can remember. These bottle's come in purple felt bags.

So when my mom asked me if I could make a quilt out of the bags, I said sure! So she started collecting and two years later I have over 200+ bags. In October I figured out the best way to cut, iron, recut, and put together. I am no where NEAR done... actually I am no where near sewing. Just cutting, ironing, cutting again. The ironing is getting difficult for me because of my arthritis. so today I enlisted the help of others.

David even helped me out a little.

So what does 200+ crown royal bags look like all cut in half?

So if anyone is looking for some girl time and wants to be put to work, give me a call and you can come over... :-).
I will keep you posted. I am hoping to have everything cut and ready to sew by the next church quilting retreat so I can spend that weekend assemblying the thing.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I am re-posting this photo because I forgot to add one thing to the post...

Samuel.... there is a hidden Mickey in here just for you! I put it in there- tell me if you can find it :-). and from now one your will have to start look closely for those Mickey's in my photo's :-).


Busy, busy, busy. I have bearly had time to breathe the last week and honestly I HATE that!!! What I wont blog about is the project at work I am working on that is consuming most of my awake time- If I'm not on the computer working on it I'm thinking about it. Hence the no blog post. I know, I'm sorry. And today I started to feel guilty that there is nothing new on here, so here I go.

Saturday David & I went to the Seahawks playoff game!!! It was AMAZING! We had a great time. The couple we sit next to are so fun and we enjoy the games together- sadly I don't even know their names yet! I guess that will have to wait til next year.

The game was good, I held my breathe for about 6 minutes of the game- all of you should know which 6 minutes- but we got the lead back and continued on.
The 12th Man wasn't as loud as they should have been, I have been to louder games, but we still won so I'll take that. Those of you watching from home learned that Tom Cruise was there as a Redskins fan, no I didn't see him, and I'm glad for that

There is a 6% chance that the NFC Championship game will be played here, so we are very hopeful!

Sunday we vegged out, I worked. Then we had some family fun with the Wii. We played bowling and Golf. It was a lot of fun but I think I need more practice!

Anyways, enjoy your weeks! Hopefully are life will pick up with more fun and less busyiness for us to post about!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Go Hawks!!

It's BLUE FRIDAY!!!! do you have your blue on?????

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Nothing new to report

Since there was a holiday this week and some people (not mentioning names) always bug me to update the blog, I thought I would tell you about our new years holiday.

There is nothing to tell... (hence the blank area above). New Year's eve consist of me going to bed early and this year David let Josiah stay up til 10:00 to watch Harry Potter and then David & Alex played baseball on the Wii til who knows when. I have never been one to celebrate New Year's Eve and this year was no different.
New Year's day we took down the tree, and did errands. Maybe I just don't get the whole New Year's thing. I could care less that we switch a year, or about making resolutions or reflections. The only good part is a day off work. Not to be a "Debbie Downer" it's just not one of those holiday's I have ever really gotten into. So when you say to me "Happy new year" and I give you a blank stare and then remember to say it back- don't be offended- it's just another day in another year.

(I hope no one takes offense to this- just thought you should know why there are no photos or exciting stories!)