Thursday, October 30, 2008

Drum Roll PLEASE.........

Ok, so maybe I don't need a drum roll, but I have something exciting to share with you. At the last quilting retreats one of the older ladies shared some of her quilts that involved hand "red work". I was flabber gasted. So I finally got the chance to find a pattern and I did it... it's not the best, but pretty good for following the directions out of a book, and i promised myself I wouldn't undo any stitches that were screwed up- so here you go- flawas & all.

I am absolutley in love with this form of quilting because I can do it while laying down, which for me has been so great, and it isn't as hard on my hands as knitting is. I can't wait to find a nice "Sun Bonnet Sue" pattern that I can do a whole quilt with. For now this scrap of fabric will go in my pile with no known purpose other than I saw, I tried & I conquered.

Be sure to check back for Halloween fun in the next few days!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Team Awesom Rules, Lupus Drools

This Saturday was the Mad Hatter Walk & Roll for Lupus walk in Seattle. We worked with the Tollefson family to put together a big, fun group of people to walk with both myself & Gracie, their 7 year old daughter who also has Lupus.

We were "Team Awesome" Keith, Kim & Mikayla joined us for a fabous morning. Our them was butterflies, so we gave everyone wings & disco ball head bands.

This is our whole team before the walk.

The Kocher's & the Johnson's

Gracie & Alana carrying the sign


The kids began chanting "Team Awesome Rules, Lupus Drools" and "We love Cori" which was stinking cut. I got a little bit of it on video.

It takes a special guy to be able to pull off the wings.

It's hard to believe the kids not only walked 2 1/2 miles, but at some point they were running ahead & then back to us, running on the grass. I wish I had their energy!

Doesn't this smile just MELT your heart. And the Kitty even did the walk with us in her own wings.

Gracie & I, the Co-Captans of the team.

Hey are those bunny ears behind mine & Kim's head? No wonder Josiah was giggling when we took this photo.

And how do you reward yourself for burning all those calories? Dick's of course!

Picnic in the parking lot.
Lucky for us we had blankets in some of the cars so we could enjoy the sunshine and company as we filled up on burgers & milkshakes.

For some reason this picture of Mikayla just throws me. She is so beautiful and there is something about the look in her eye.

I can't thank the team enough for all they did. We had an amazing day and I got to meet Kat & Gary's family and friends. There are a ton more photos that I could share with you.... but I don't want to bore you. If you want to see more, shoot me an email or comment below and I will send you the kodak gallery link.

We already have next years theme decided and we are going for a win in the most creative team award! LOL.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Oldest Nephew

Oct 11, 2008, Parent's weekend at The Citadel.
A group of Tango Company "Knobs" just before the get promoted from Cadet Recruits to Cadet Privates. This is one of the biggest events in a cadet life at The Citadel as they are now officially in The Corps of Cadets. Nephew, Chris is the in middle

I was actually told what to say on this post. The bottom line is I am so incredibly proud of my oldest nephew that I wanted to share this with you. What an amazing challenge he has taken on, one I know I could never do.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Not a lot happening

not a lot happening this weekend, but I do want you to know that the Lupus walk is this weekend and we would LOOOOOVE for as many people to show up as possible. If you can't make the walk, would you consider donating to our cause?

go to to join our team or to donate to such an amazing cause!!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Weekend adventures

So this last weekend was my weekend adventure. I took Friday off so I could start my quilting retreat early. I quilted ALL DAY Friday & All Day Saturday. Here are some photos of the ladies at the retreat:

I worked on my current projects and I got a TON done!

Kim & Mikayla stopped by to say hi and I had some blocks that I was going to toss in my scrap pile & I asked Mikayla if she wanted to sew. She jumped and she put the blocks in the order she wanted & we helped her sew it all together.

It wasn't much so we turned it into a pillow. We got it all done, except stuffed. So she got to take it with her. The pink fabric is called "pillow fight" and it's little girls having a pillow fight, so it was fitting.

Mikayla surprised me on Sunday with a completed pillow, thanks to Kim's mom, Linda. I was so proud of her. We took some photos:

Josiah had to get in on the action, but that's ok, I love these two! We have arrainged their marriage, so this can just be in the slide show when they get married. LOL. just kidding! (maybe)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Round Robin

Monday, October 06, 2008

5 Years!!

Ok, so many of you know I have been with the Walt Disney Company off & on since
1995. I came back to Disney in 2001 and had to leave to come to the Disney Internet Group. So today, of all days I hit 5 years.... 5 consecitive years and I have graduated from the Steamboat Willie pin (which I have three of). Anyways, today was a special day... I am still beaming from the wonderful gift I was given this morning.

Here was my name tag before

And after....

It is such a big deal to me, so I thought i would share it with the world!!!
stay tuned for our weekend adventures!