Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Signs I am getting older

Even with the excitement of my upcoming birthday there are some signs this week that time has passed way too quickly:

1. Gabe turned a year! I can't believe the first year of his life is over and now it's on to new adventures

2. My oldest nephew, Christopher, turned 19 today... and graduated high school a few weeks ago... AND is going of to the Citadel for college! wow!

3. My other nephew, Gunnar, got his license! wow!!! I can't believe it.

4. I gave Alex permission to go to the mall with a friend today.... on the bus.... is he really old enough to go hang out at the mall. Oh dear.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My new corner

For the last few years I have taken up the dining room quilting. A few years ago we offered to store Kim's sewing table and about a year ago, she said I could have it. It is probably one of the most special things I have now in my craft area. A few months ago I figured out a solution to my lack of space to sew dilema and the idea was born. David & I spent a saturday morning cleaning out a corner, hanging shelves & deliving the treadmill to my little brother. I was ELATED to get the desk in.

This was prior to my mom giving me an old VHS cabinet. Now my containers are all hiding in the cabinet & the shelves have magazine holders and a few pretty baskets to hold "current projects". It is still a little cluttered, but now I can sit down and sew with out having to pull everything out & put it all back.

I even got a fancy lap that swings between my quilting table and my bed so I can read at night. This really is my favorite spot in the house. Quilting is so relaxing, sometimes I just sit at my desk for a few moments to enjoy looking at the projects I have going. I LOVE QUILTING!!!

Awesome Garage Sale Find

On Saturday morning we hit some garage sales, on a quest for first reader books for Josiah. We hit pay dirt at a couple of them and came away with a load of books at 10cents each! But the find of the day... perhaps the year is this:

It's a crib quilt that was machine pieced and HAND QUILTED! I couldn't believe my luck. I couldn't believe the lady was selling it... and for one dollar! that's right, one dollar. I almost started to feel guilty, but i gladly handed over my dollar and took my find home.
it is really a fabulous little quilt. I hope to find someone who can date it with the fabrics, but since there are reproductions now I fear I would be off.

Father's Day

Father's was CRAZY for us! actually the whole weekend was busy, but we survived, barely.

We went to church, then off to Alex's last game of the year. We had a good time enjoying them play in the warm sun. His team won by one run. I love watching them play!

We then were off to my parents to celebrate my dad's 62nd birthday!!! WOW! I know! My mom had a BBQ and we just hung around.

We then headed for David's softball game. It was such a wonderful day! I was glad to have spent most of it outside. I can't wait for summer!

It was so much fun. I love family days! I also just realized I didn't get a family photo!!!! Oh No! I guess next time I will have to remember!

Baby's First Shoes!!!

I went with my mom & brother to pick out Gabe's first pair of walking shoes on Saturday. It was so much fun. DJ & Ali are so incredibly lucky to have such a good baby.

I even talked DJ in to a pair of bells that go on the laces so they don't come untied. He was a little reluctant to put bells on Gabe's shoes, but on Sunday he mentioned how handy they are. Just wait til he starts walking!!!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Too funny not to share