Wednesday, November 29, 2006


We had a nice thanksgiving at home. I cooked my first turkey and learned a little in the process. My parents came over to celebrate with us and we all had a lot to eat & a lot left over.
If you haven't heard yet the Northwest is suffering from some very cold weather.
Sunday night it snowed... four inches. Monday night it all froze, so tuesday the roads were solid ice. And tuesday night it was 17 degrees outside! Wow! we are not used to this. We did manage to play in the snow a little bit, but boy it takes forever to warm up when it is this cold.

At the Begining of November the Disney company sent me and Josiah on a trip to Disney on Ice. We were able to take along 50 kids from a local boys & girls club (Don't worry, they were brought by other adults so I didn't have to watch all those kids!
It was a lot of fun!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Josiah's first Soccer Game.
Ok, picture this: 21 4 & 5 year olds, pouring down rain, on one soccer field. What do you get? A whole lot of fun. We enjoyed Josiah's first soccer game on saturday, and it was a mob of children running up and down the field for 30 minutes chasing after one ball. Josiah did really well and when he was put at goaly he stopped to kids from scoring.

And then there is the trophy that he proudly carried around most of the day.


Wow! he is 12 already!? Hard to believe. First for his birthday we took him to get a new bike. Then on Saturday night we went to La Cocina, Y Cantina for our birthday tradition (every birthday we go there).

And of course, my quest for great family photos! I am actually impressed with this one.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Josiah was a power ranger for halloween. these pictures are from a "mommy & me" day. Last saturday I took him to the Pacific Science Center for some Halloween adventure. we had a great time walking through the butterfly exhibt, learning about how our bodies work & touching the sea life.

Below is a shot of Josiah scraping ice off the car. He wanted to help daddy, it took a long time but was worth the wait!

Alex's birthday is this weekend so maybe I can get some shots of him to share with you all- he is in a 'no picture' phase and I can't get him in one shot!!