Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Here is our trip to Disneyland... In the next view days I will post more pictures, put for now here are some of the fun stories! Enjoy!

Jedi Josiah

Jedi training, what is it you ask. It's training for kids to be real Jedi's. And if you didn't already know, Josiah is a HUGE Star Wars Fan. The first show we attended the "Force" did not direct the Jedi trainer to pick Josiah, but luckily the "Force" picked him a second time- thanks to Cori lifting him up and him wearing a darth vader t-shirt.

Josiah had to be a good listener and stay in his circle, cause no one likes a clumsing Jedi.

after learning to master the Jedi Light saber there was a disturbance in the force and none other than Darth Vader & Darth Mal show up to try and convince the new Jedi's to come to the dark side. Each child got the chance to fight off one of these dark villians and each was successful in their attempted to keep the force strong.

The video is off my digital camera so it's not the best... but at least you get to see it.

And it's offical, certificate & all. Josiah is a jedi. I feel so much safer now. He has his own cloak & light saber. he has worn the cloak for three solid days.

Alex & Josiah, Then & Now

This was one of the photo's I wanted to recreate, I didn't happen perfectly but at least I got it.

This was in 2004 when we went

And here is last week

And this one, just cause it is better lighting

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Wednesday was a good day. We drove through southern Oregon & most of Califonia.

We hit a little bit of snow in the mountains and in Yreka where we stopped for lunch. Here is Josiah trying to catch some snow on his tongue.

Alex avioding the Camera as usual

Here is a site you don't want to see driving down I-5

Lucky for us it was being towed.

Thursday started out simple enough, we headed out of our hotel around 8:00 in the morning. we stopped by the studio lot to have some fun. This was my dad's first look at a Hollywood studio, now there isn't much to see but it's still fun to say you have been on one. The highlight was this... what I believe to be part of the Black Pearl from Pirates.

There is also a corner called "Pluto's corner" on the lot that has the famous street sign that has been there since the begining. It has a fire hydrant on it, and I am sad to say that Alex had to point out he connection between the name and the fire hydrant (Get it, dog's love fire Hydrant's).

We did some shopping at the studio store then headed off to anaheim. We arrived shortly after 12:00 and waited for my sister Kim, her husband Luke, and her two boys, Chris & Gunnar.

Once they showed up it was off to the park!
Chris & Josiah looking at the map while we wait for Space Mountian

Everyone on the Jungle Cruise

Cool dude, Josiah
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Another cool Josiah Shot

And this shot is one Josiah has been hoping for... he was FINALLY tall enough to ride Indiana Jones... by a fraction of an inch. When the cast member told him he was tall enough we all clapped & cheered! It was a very exciting moment for him, up until we got into the scary line. He didn't want to go but we talked him into it and he loved it!

We had dinner at Goofy's kitchen thursday night. Since My mom, Kim & I were all celebrating our big birthday's this year we got the royal treatment... did I
mention that I am the youngest? Kim turns 40, my mom turns 60 and I am only turning 30.

Not s smart chipmunk... he was asking David if he got the plate for him... he needs to learn that David will smack your hand away if you try and touch his food, I was worried dale may lose his life.


Saturday was another day in the park, only today the park was PACKED. I don't remember the last time that many people were in the park. We managed to ride a few more rides and enjoy our time. More shopping and of course Jedi Training (See post above).
Saturday night we enjoyed the Dreams Come True Fireworks display.

I tried really hard to get everyone in a photo, but Gunnar & Alex weren't too cooperative... Christopher is the one in front & Gunnar is hiding in his hood.

Luke is my brother in law... he's the one with his arms crossed probably watching the crowd control they have in Disneyland... let's just say it isn't good crowd control.

Here's Kim posing with Josiah before the fireworks starts-

The fireworks were great, the show starts out with Mary Poppins (Yes I know, it is really Julie Andrews), talking about "One man's dream", what a fantastic show. And what an amazing dream that has come true.

Here is Josiah & David enjoy the spectacular fireworks display and laser show... I can't wait to go back!!!

Sunday & Monday

No pictures for Sunday or Monday. The days were full of driving. We left Anaheim at 8:00 Sunday Morning, we stopped for lunch between Bakersfield & Stockon. Had dinner in Redding and made it to Medford by 9:00 pm. We made really good time and stayed reasonably close to the speed limit. Mount Shasta still wasn't peaking through, but it was a beautiful drive.
Monday we left Medford and went through the beautiful Oregon. I never really noticed how many shades of green there are.

We dropped off my parents at 5:00pm Monday night and made our way home... it was so nice to be home.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Easter snuck up on us this year. With Baseball season in full swing our lives revolve around that, so much so that we were at WalMart last night at 9:30 buying chocolate bunnies. I never wait that long!

However, I realized today how much I love Easter, and how much my boys are growing. First, it is absolutley wonderful that my three boys dress up. I am so in love with all three of them and it's so neat to see them in their ties and suffering just for me. Second, Church. The songs, the little girls in dresses, the joy I have in my life because of what GOD did for me and all of us. It's just so amazing. I teach kids about the fabulous gift of life we have received every week, but it's not until a morning like this one that I feel refreshed and truly greatful for the life I live.

After church we headed to my moms for the annual egg hunt. A few things I learned: 1- Alex is too old for this and it will probably be the last one he ever does- I know I am sad too. 2-I should figure out my mom's new camera BEFORE I start shooting pictures. I had a great one of the three boys, but it ended up being video, so I will try and get a photo from it.

One of the things I appreciate most about the three guys in my life... they deal with my need for the family photo...I think this was the only decent one out of 12...

Overall it was a nice relaxing day. Rejoicing in the Lord, enjoying the boys and then taking a nap... there is no better Sunday than that.

Baby Branley

I don't know how many of you know this, but my little brother is having a baby with his wife. It is so hard to believe that he is old enough to be married, let alone be a dad, but since he is only 11 months younger I guess he is. They both live in Las Vegas and his wife, Ali, fly up here this weekend for a shower. I forgot my camera, but I thought I would share (or show off) the quilt I made for the new little addition. The doctor is guessing it's a girl, so once we know for sure I will be making a more detailed and beatiful quilt for her- The truth really is I am dying for an excuse to get pink, purple and flowery fabric to make a beatiful girly quilt.

Her nursery theme is fish.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Palm Sunday

Josiah sang in church again this Sunday. This time he told us why he didn't like doing it... because we sit in the balcony and it's too far away, so this time we sat front and center. The video is off my digital camera, so it's not that great and I can't zoom in. Josiah is the one behind the kid in the striped shirt- you can't miss him- he's the one that can't sit still.

Here he is after his preformance with a hot chocolat (An Espresso stand is a new addition in our church, it's a great ministry and really helps out, plus I get to fulfill a long time dream of being a Java Diva without having to drink the stuff).

Mikayla... Keith's Daughter. I just adore her. the best part of taking her photo is as soon as she see's the camera she poses. She is a DOLL.

What's Palm Sunday without Palm Branches?

And wait... is that Alex trying to dodge the camera... I think so!