Thursday, September 10, 2009

D23 Day one

So I want to put all my D23 thoughts down before I forget any more. First D23 is a club for Disney fans and this weekend is the first ever D23 expo. I was lucky enough to get to spend the weekend in Anaheim with Kim expiering it!

First we were both awake early so we went and got in line at 6:30. When we walked in the door we went the right way and ended up towards the front of the line for the Bob Iger talk.

Two hours later we were ushered into the arena (after checking our cameras & phones at the door where we got to sit 7 rows back from the stage and right next to the Disney Legends section. I was in awe... Disney stars were just FEET from me. It was way too cool. I was shaking with excitment.

Bob came out on stage and it was so great. He had some amazing things to say and I really enjoyed listening to him talk. We were then surprised with a screening of the first 30 minutes of the princess and the frog (the new Disney movie). Some of it was still in outlines. The movie looks super cute. then Bob talked some more about the company and D23.

After Bob was done talking it was time for the Disney legends Ceremony. What is a disney legend? it's the highest honor in the company, people who have made an impact on the company are inducted in as "legends". Today 10 people where inducted. The speeches were amazing, the voice of donald duck & goofy both were there, I was 5 feet from Roy Disney and Betty White also made us laugh. Then Robin Williams came out and he was a kick.

We then had lunch, went shopping and headed back for the "ABC's of Disney" on our way in we say Donny Osmond and his dancing partner and two other dancers from Dancing with the Stars giving press interviews. Plus the guy who played Al Bundy.

We went in and learned all about the new shows and got to see Courtney Cox, Patricia Arquette (SP?), Kelsy Grammar, and Al bundy talk about their new shows. i am actually really excited for the fall shows!

our next seminar was filled so we headed to the park for a little bit of walking and some shopping. So now we are back at the hotel ready to collapse... until tomorrow...