Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I remember 6th grade camp so long ago, I remember the feeling of this was the last fun thing I get to do in elementary school. I remember the excitement and the bus ride, the friends and the activities. However, today I got to witness that anticipation of Alex heading off to 5th grade camp (in Mukilteo 6th grade is in middle school). As "cool" as he was acting about having to go camping I could tell there was some excitment there. It's hard to believe how old he is getting. His teacher told me last week that "He entered 5th grade as a boy and he is leaving a man" such a sad fact.

The other sad fact that I am finding very difficult to accept is that Alex has a "girlfriend"... don't worry, I asked him what that meant and so far it doesn't mean kissing or holding hands, it just means that they like each other. When did he get to that stage? I made him point her out to me this morning when I dropped him off, and I had to refrain from saying anything to her especially since I promised not to embarrased him.

Alex is now my height, again, when did all this happen??? I have really started to cherish the moments I have with him, as he reminds me, he will be driving in 4 1/2 years (AAHHH).
He is such a great kid, it's just hard to accept that he is growing. I am very proud at how we all have pitched in and raised him, I get so many comments about how well mannered he is.

As you can probably tell Alex has only been gone for a few hours and I miss him so much, I am looking foward to having him come home on friday- the wierd part about missing him is that he is gone all the time to grandma's for a week, to his dad's once a week and so on and yet I have never missed him more than I do now. I guess it is finally hitting me that the little red headed boy I used to carry around is now a young man with friends, and girlfriends, and a social life.
I just dread the day he asks to go hang out at the mall....
To be continued...

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Stacy said...

Wow, I can't believe how big Alex is. I remember going to his 3rd birthday party - it seems like just a couple years ago. It's amazing how time flies.