Saturday, June 17, 2006

David (hot pants) Lewis and his spring softball team took second place in the league championships last night. They started the evening by playing All Side Windows and beat them by 10 runs. In the second game the white team (david's) watch as our church blue team lost to the crabs. The Crabs is a tough team, one that is very competive. Last year David's team managed to beat them in the championship game and so this year it was a re-match only this time the results were different. The Crabs pulled out a victory by just three runs.
Now that the season is over it's time for some rest and relaxation- for a week, then tournament play and summer league.
Cori's team has started the year off to a rocky start with 1 win and two losses but we are having a great time!
We thought Alex was done for the year, however we got the call this morning that his team was invited to a tournament that will last most of this week- there is really no rest for the weary. Thank goodness we have decided to put Josiah into soccer instead of baseball. :-)

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