Monday, March 12, 2007

Alex's Weekend!

This was a busy weekend for us. Alex was asked to be on the AWANA Games again this year. This will be his last year in AWANA so these games were special to watch.

After 10 different games his team came out on top, first place! what an exciting day. The games involve running around the AWANA cirlce, tossing the bean bag & my favorite the 4 way tug of war.

On Sunday Alex had a Baseball Jamboree. It was a good practice game for the boys. Sorry, I didn't get any pictures. As I was sitting there under four blankets, and bundled up to avoid the wind & rain, I decided that pulling my camera out of my pocket envolved exposing myself to the conditions. Hopefully at the start of baseball season next week the weather will be a little nicer, or I will find a better parking spot that will allow me to watch from the car.


kimi said...

I almost passed out when the other kid let go of the 4 way tug rope. Alex TOTALLY had that! what a big dang bummer. BUT WHAT A GREAT WIN! gotta love the awana games!

jgf said...

I remember those! They were a lot of fun...