Tuesday, March 17, 2009

9 Years

Hard to believe, I know, but nine years ago tomorrow David & I tied the knot.

We were one of the last couples to get married at Alderwood with orange carpet. We had 3 bridesmaids, 3 groomsmen, 2 ring bearer's, and a flower girl. The guest list was too big to remember. We both moved out of our parents house & into our first apartment after the Wedding. Two days after our wedding I had ankle surgery and thanks to the kind gifts of everyone we were able to go on a mini-honeymoon over on hood canal.

We first lived on Admiralty road in Lynnwood, and 18 months later moved into an apartment on 148th, where David worked. Then moved a few months later to a bigger apartment because I was pregnant with Josiah.
I was laid off from Crista after 9/11 and during my materinty leave, we then moved to North Seattle so I could manage an apartment complex, and within 4 months we quickly moved up to Mukilteo and I went back to work with Disney.
That November David got laid off and I got promoted to full time through the holiday's (Completely a God thing). David then got a job in April.

On December 24th David got laid off, but on December 26th the church called with a temporary position (Again, a God thing). After a few weeks the job was his for the taking and he stayed there for two years.

By then we were both working for the Disney Internet Group. And then we fast forward to today. We still live in the same apartment, mainly because of my fear of moving. Josiah is in First Grade, Alex in 8th. God continues to bless our lives and lead us through trials. We are truly blessed, and loved to have each other and our boys.

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Miller Moments said...

You were a beautiful bride! Congrats on making it to 9 years. Brian and I will be at 7 this summer. It was fun to read a little of your history together.