Saturday, July 04, 2009

Bug Boy's help

I am hoping "Bug Boy" will stop by my blog and tell me WHAT this is. Mr. Lewis brought it to me and I have to say it FREAKED me out.

Mr. Lewis really wants to know what in the world this gross thing is. The "tail" is actually two very long legs or something.
Please help.


Caceres Family said...

Hi mrs. Lewis,
that fantastic bug mr. lewis found is called a stump stabber wasp. They use their long "stinger" to tap on tree trunks they do not use it for stinging people. these precious guys usually live in the forest and they stick their larva into other insects where it will eat the host from the inside out!! wish i could have seen it.happy fourth of july.
love samuel

Kimberly said...

Almost two months without a blog and all we get is some ugly bug!!!!

OMG~~ is that the most exciting thing happening in the Lewis household?