Wednesday, May 16, 2007

One of my favorite things...

For those of you who have never been to Disneyland, or for those who have never noticed it, there is a Silhouette shop in Disneyland. Now, you maybe wondering what I am talking about, but first let me describe it.
It's a small store front and I mean small, three of us in the store made it so crowded you couldn't move. On one side a lady sits in a char with a small pair of scissors and a stack of black paper. A chair sits in front of her for her guests. Next to her another Cast Member is glueing the silhouettes to paper and selling them with the optional frame.
I had this done with Alex years ago (I think he was two and I brought a picture of him with me).
Well this last trip, I wanted both the boys to sit in the chair and have this done to hang on my wall. On Saturday night I had to drag both boys away long enough for this to happen. I really wish I had gotten photos of her doing this amazing talent. She Cut Josiah's face out in less than a minute & Alex the same way. Then they were glued. It is by far one of my favorite souvenirs that I will proudly hang on my wall for a long time...
Below is a scanned verison of it, I don't think it does it justice, remember, these heads are two seperate pieces of paper glued down and hand cut.

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jgf said...

I'll have to remember the place. It is really cool!