Monday, June 16, 2008

My new corner

For the last few years I have taken up the dining room quilting. A few years ago we offered to store Kim's sewing table and about a year ago, she said I could have it. It is probably one of the most special things I have now in my craft area. A few months ago I figured out a solution to my lack of space to sew dilema and the idea was born. David & I spent a saturday morning cleaning out a corner, hanging shelves & deliving the treadmill to my little brother. I was ELATED to get the desk in.

This was prior to my mom giving me an old VHS cabinet. Now my containers are all hiding in the cabinet & the shelves have magazine holders and a few pretty baskets to hold "current projects". It is still a little cluttered, but now I can sit down and sew with out having to pull everything out & put it all back.

I even got a fancy lap that swings between my quilting table and my bed so I can read at night. This really is my favorite spot in the house. Quilting is so relaxing, sometimes I just sit at my desk for a few moments to enjoy looking at the projects I have going. I LOVE QUILTING!!!

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