Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Family Camp!!!!!!!!!!!

There are sooooo many stories, and so many pictures so stay tuned as I update often with family camp stories & pictures. For now here are the details:

This year we decided to go to Family camp on Monday instead of Wednesday of this year. On our way up we noticed that Josiah was limping and complaining of side pain. When we were done at the grocery store I looked at his hip and decided we should stop at the walk in clinic.

Once we finally got up to warm beach we set up our camp site and got ready for a week of FUN. The normal family camp things to do are sit around the camp fire, play tons of games and watch the kids ride thier bikes for hours on end.

David likes to pick out a stick and spend the week carving it into something with his knife. Josiah wanted to take a spin at it, so David is teaching him how to hold the knife safely.

We shared a campsite with the Russell's, so stay tuned for lots more photos and stories to come!!!!

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