Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Home Depot

So, many years ago I used to take Alex to Home Depot every other Saturday to make a project. This was a free event that home depot did. The kids got aprons, and a pin when they were done. It was kind of funny, because Alex just recently threw his apron away.

So on Friday night we enjoyed dinner at the Tollefson's (A FABULOUS family we know & love) and Gary was telling us about how he take's their daughter Grace there every other week.

So I asked David to start that tradition. I was a little jealous that David agreed cause I really wanted to do it. So the next morning David got in REALLY late from X-box night so I offered to take Josiah, and here are the photos:

Here is Gary & Grace. I think Grace and Maddie (the Tollefson's girls) are two of the most beautiful girls I have ever met, and they have the personality to boot.

I asked Josiah if he wanted to call grandma and see if he can hang his bird house in his yard and he said "No way, this is really special, I want to put it in my room". So the bird house will become a lego man house.

two more weeks & we get to go play again!

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