Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy, Happy, BIRTHDAY!!!

On Friday we got together with a group of friends to celebrate Josiah & Kim's birthday.

The Johnson's & Steven's got Josiah some SEA MONKEYS.... so we started our sea monkey adventure & I will be sureto blog it when they hatch.

On Saturday we met up with the Tollefson's at the Imagine Children's Musuem. The Kids had SUCH an amazing time. And it was Pirate day so Josiah got to fight a pirate.

Grace & Josiah playing o the bus

They have this new "Glow Room" where the kids can play with different things that glow.... plus they glow :-).

Maddie in the Glow Room


Maddie and the skunk was playing with me in the tree. I was worried it would stink up the place, but Maddie assured me it was a nice skunk.

The musuem has a "Water Room" it was probably the most popular for the kids. Evan, Maddie, Grace & Josiah had a GREAT time and we enjoyed watching them.

Me & Kat are watching the kids get wet. and having some great conversation.

Kat's husband Gary. This s also David's Coworker.

Grace after her time in the water room... she is SOAKED.

Gary & David even started to join in the fun.

And then Monday came along & we invited the grandparents over for some cake & ice cream.

Ok there is our weekend! Josiah is now 7 can you believe it????? I can't. A proof that he is growing up, on Friday on the way to dinner he asked me if the tooth fairy was real. Ohhhh my heart sank. So I told him the truth and we talked about it. He didn't figure out Santa, but I am sure once Christmas comes he'll ask.

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