Monday, September 01, 2008

Another weekend full of fun

On Friday we stopped and got gas. I learned that Josiah has a new job.

I thought about tipping him, but I don't want to start something. :-).

Once again we were petting sitting at two different houses, we also took Gabe for Saturday afternoon. Here he is with the dogs. He loved all the attention.

In this last photo it was one of the few times we could get Josiah to enjoy the dogs. They were so hyper that it freaked him out and he didn't like them. Wierd cause he says he wants a dog SO bad, yet they way he acted this weekend their is no way I am bringing a real dog into this house.
I thought the dogs were really fun. I got to read books and cuddle with Gracie, I loved it.
I also had time at my sewing machine....
This is Josiah's dog quilt. I threw it together last Sunday and today I added a couple of borders. He picked the fabric & I layed it out. It was one of those quilts that I knew I could do in a day, so it was instant grattification.

Even Gracie liked the dog quilt.
This one is more of a joke, My brother HATES penquins, I don't know why, but he has this fear of them. So we have been making sure Gabe has his share of penquin things. So when I saw this fabric I knew I had to make a quilt.

I pieced together the back with some of the left over fabric. So it's going to be two quilts in one.

So now we are at home, relaxing and enjoying our Monday off. Don't worry mom, your quilts are next on my list!! I just needed some "get them done today" quilts so I can go back to work on the crown royal one refreshed.

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