Friday, December 29, 2006


Christmas is my favorite time of year. Here are some photos from our christmas celebration on Christmas morning. Other than this get together we had David's parents over Christmas eve, and my extended family got together on friday night- neither of which I have picture of, sorry :-).

Josiah got his own digital camera, which only means he will stop using mine :-).

Alex, in addition to the MP3 Player, got a cell phone & a baseball bat.

This was by far the funniest thing all morning, my mom wrapped Josiah's nutcracker in a box that was for a crystal vase. His face was a little shocked and uninterested when he saw that he was getting a vase. We had to explain to him that the picture on the box was not what was inside. He was excited to find a nutcracker inside- for some weird reason he loves nutcrackers. Josiah was also the proud recieptent of a cd player, and a remote control pirate ship.

And then, of course, my quest for the family photo. THis one is actually a tradition every year since we were married we have taken a photo in front of the tree- one year it was only the two boys but every year since then it has been all of us. Maybe someday soon I will get them all together in order and make a nice little frame for them all. What can I say, I love my family photos, the boys grow up so quickly that taking photos is so important to me... this one took about 10 shots to finally get a good one. I hope all of you had some nice family time over the last week and I pray your new year is a great one!

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