Monday, December 11, 2006

Dear Friends & Family,

For those of you, who are enjoying the blog for the first time, welcome! Instead of the usually family letter I thought I would share our blog in our Christmas card instead. Feel free to post comments & check back often to see regular updates & photos of 2007; it is sure to be a fun year for us!

So here goes our 2006 recap…. It was another fabulous year in our house hold. Alex finished 5th grade and in our school district that was also the end of elementary school. He played baseball again and although his team only made 3rd place in the league and Alex was invited to play on an All Star team for a tournament. Alex turned 12 in November & sometime this year he grew so tall that he is eye to eye with his mom. Middle school has been an adventure so far, he is running from class to class and keeping up with all the homework that is assigned. He is starting to get into music and things that teenagers like to do. It is so hard to let go at this age!

The highlight of our year had to be the first camping trip we have done as a family (look at the July post for pictures & a detailed story). We spent 4 days at Warm Beach with a large group of families from our church. Both boys got a lot of bike riding in. It was a blast.

In September Josiah signed up for soccer and we enjoyed his first and only game. It was really a riot. If you have never seen 5 year olds play soccer it is a must do for all (look for pictures in the Sept-Nov posts). Josiah turned 5 this year & started preschool. He is learning basic math and his letters. Math seems to be his favorite subject. Josiah also received a blue ribbon for his cookies at the state fair (see previous post).

David & Cori are still both working for Disney in downtown Seattle. They both enjoyed another year on the churches softball teams. Cori is spending another year as director of the AWANA Cubbies program at church. In March of 2007 we will be celebrating our 7 year anniversary, it is so hard to believe it has been that long. We really feel blessed by everything we have been given. We pray for each of you daily & hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!

Lots of Love,
David, Cori, Alex & Josiah

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