Monday, December 18, 2006

Josiah got his chance to sing in front of church yesterday and boy what an ordeal. When he first got up in the morning he was very excited, but as soon as we arrived at church he began his weekly meltdown (he doesn't really like Sunday School). So we did everything we could to bribe him to sing first service and with no luck it didn't happen. After getting him into his class we crossed our fingers and prayed that he would do it second hour.... I took this video with my digital camera so it isn't the best- plus it is a little shaky, but you at least get to see Josiah standing around doing nothing, he was so proud that he was up there with us watching and we were very proud of him. Josiah is wearing a green coat and is in the middle of the screen, half was through the first song he waves to me. The second song is 'Come on Ring those Bells' the first solo was sung by Mikayla, the daughter of some really good friends of ours. I love the little country twang she adds to the song!

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