Monday, January 21, 2008

My New Quilt Project


My dad has drank Crown Royal whiskey since I can remember. These bottle's come in purple felt bags.

So when my mom asked me if I could make a quilt out of the bags, I said sure! So she started collecting and two years later I have over 200+ bags. In October I figured out the best way to cut, iron, recut, and put together. I am no where NEAR done... actually I am no where near sewing. Just cutting, ironing, cutting again. The ironing is getting difficult for me because of my arthritis. so today I enlisted the help of others.

David even helped me out a little.

So what does 200+ crown royal bags look like all cut in half?

So if anyone is looking for some girl time and wants to be put to work, give me a call and you can come over... :-).
I will keep you posted. I am hoping to have everything cut and ready to sew by the next church quilting retreat so I can spend that weekend assemblying the thing.


katrina said...

I cannot wait to see this quilt come together. It is going to be beautiful! What a great idea.
love katrina

Penguintoo said...

I should have some time next weekend to help out. I actually have a Saturday that currently has nothing scheduled.

jgf said...

A little far to come help and you probably don't want me helping anyway. I sew like I cook--poorly...