Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Nothing new to report

Since there was a holiday this week and some people (not mentioning names) always bug me to update the blog, I thought I would tell you about our new years holiday.

There is nothing to tell... (hence the blank area above). New Year's eve consist of me going to bed early and this year David let Josiah stay up til 10:00 to watch Harry Potter and then David & Alex played baseball on the Wii til who knows when. I have never been one to celebrate New Year's Eve and this year was no different.
New Year's day we took down the tree, and did errands. Maybe I just don't get the whole New Year's thing. I could care less that we switch a year, or about making resolutions or reflections. The only good part is a day off work. Not to be a "Debbie Downer" it's just not one of those holiday's I have ever really gotten into. So when you say to me "Happy new year" and I give you a blank stare and then remember to say it back- don't be offended- it's just another day in another year.

(I hope no one takes offense to this- just thought you should know why there are no photos or exciting stories!)

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kimi said...

you rule. and you are awesome. glad you got some rest!