Monday, August 25, 2008

lazy weekend

Well compared to our last few weekends, this one was pretty laid back.
On Friday night I FINALLY finished my Lone Star Quilt. It has been 3 or so years in the making. THe star it self has been complete, it's just the border I have been playing with- but I finally went with the easy way. Now this is just the top. I still need to find a backing and quilt it. So to non-quilters this wouldn't be "done" but to a quilter, having a top done is pretty significant.

While David was attending a work party at the church on Saturday morning I went to my parents so my little brother could do the brakes on the van. While we wanted for him I jacked up the van, and took both tires off, all by my self (my dad direct me, when needed). I had even started removing the brakes with DJ arrived, he walked me through the first side and then let me do the second all on my own. When you have a family of mechanics it is really cool to learn something new.

Sunday was a lazy day! I love football season, it means Sunday afternoons are full of naps and football. There wasn't much on yesterday so I enjoyed the peacefulness of the house by quiling (Josiah's dog quilt is almost done now), taking a nap and finishing a good book.
Now the countdown begins, it's the last week of summer and it's raining. It's time for school to start!

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