Thursday, October 30, 2008

Drum Roll PLEASE.........

Ok, so maybe I don't need a drum roll, but I have something exciting to share with you. At the last quilting retreats one of the older ladies shared some of her quilts that involved hand "red work". I was flabber gasted. So I finally got the chance to find a pattern and I did it... it's not the best, but pretty good for following the directions out of a book, and i promised myself I wouldn't undo any stitches that were screwed up- so here you go- flawas & all.

I am absolutley in love with this form of quilting because I can do it while laying down, which for me has been so great, and it isn't as hard on my hands as knitting is. I can't wait to find a nice "Sun Bonnet Sue" pattern that I can do a whole quilt with. For now this scrap of fabric will go in my pile with no known purpose other than I saw, I tried & I conquered.

Be sure to check back for Halloween fun in the next few days!

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