Monday, June 04, 2007

Last weekend

Last weekend was a BUSY one for us...

Friday I took the day off to watch two young kids so their parents could go on our church marraige retreat (even though they ended up not going on the retreat they still got a weekend away together- long story). Anyways Friday night my parents treated us to a Mariners game, but since our prior commitment was babysitting, David offered to stay home and I went with the boys.

They were GREAT seats!!

Josiah and my dad...

So the rest of the weekend we enjoyed watching Kreston (2 1/yrs old) and Kiera (18 months old). They were great kids, full of energy and SO happy! I don't know if David would admit it or not but Kiera had him wrapped around her finger. She loves to cuddle and David was her first choice. I don't think I have met two happier kids.

I wish you could see her dress in this picture it is SOOO cute and it has a matching hat & diaper cover. I spent a lot of time picking out the perfect outfit for her. Boy I am glad I don't have any girls I would go CRAZY!

Josiah's favorite part of the weekend was taking care of the pets and this was my dredded part of the weekend. Their dog, Lily, is VERY skiddish. Let's just say everytime we walked in the door she went nuts barking and growling. It wasn't til Sunday afternoon that she finally warmed up to us and quit barking, but she was still very scared of us. If she didn't keep me up all night the two cats did.

Just reminds me that I am not an animal person. It's like babies, I don't mind holding them for a few minutes but you can keep all the work it takes :-).

And to end our weekend was our first coed game of the softball season! it was great!!! I didn't get to play as much as I wanted but I sure had fun just being there.
One quick prayer request that has to do with Softball... On friday I learned four things about my ankle. 1. Arthritis has not set in- YAHOO. (However)2. The crack in my bone never fully healed from the break 8 years ago. 3. There is too much space between the bones and 4. Bone Spurs have grown in all that space and a huge one has formed on the bottom of the tibia. So in two weeks I go to an ortho to discuss the options- surgery. For those of you who know me really well- me and surgery don't mix all that well. Also, with it being softball season- do I schedule surgery right away and fix the pain, or delay til august and enjoy the softball season. Unfortunatly I know what I need to do- surgery ASAP, but after last nights game- it will be really really hard...

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