Monday, June 11, 2007


Yahoo! Softball season is in full speed for us. Last night we had our second Co-Ed game. I played three innings but then sat myself out due to the ankle. It was also for the team, I struck out twice and I didn't like the way the Ump was calling them :-). Here are some photo's below. I'm not in any of them (which I think is good) but I maybe retiring my cleats for the year and becoming the offical team photographer & Score keeper :-).

FOUL BALL, and Cori thinks I can't figure out the password!

Kim up to bat. She got the game ball last night for her AWESOME double which scored a run!!

Our fearless leader, Keith.

We are now 2-0 and having a great time!!

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kimi said...

Good pic of Keith! what a hottie boom ba lottie. ;) LAST NIGHT WAS SO MUCH FUN!