Friday, October 26, 2007

Disneyland Part 3: Saddie & Syrah

The Jordan's were the other family that joined us. They have two girls, Saddie, 9 and Syrah 5. Both girls were celebrating their birthday on this trip so it was especially fun. This is Syrah's second year in Cubbies, so we already know each other and it was a LOT of fun to have that extra bond. Plus she's only 5 so the magic is SOOOO much different at that age. I also got to know Saddie really well too, that was fun as well, she always had a beautiful smile on her face and so full of life. She too got the courage to try some new rides (Screamin' and Space Mountain). All four kids were amazingly polite and well mannered.



This picture deserves the story... we went on a kids roller coaster, one that was a little too much for the adults. We all agreed it felt like we were going to be flung from the ride. But Syrah LOVED it. She giggled the ENTIRE time. It was so cute.

Theresa & Bill along with Theresa's mom were all part of the fun too. I didn't get a family photo, so I cropped down a group shot.

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