Friday, October 26, 2007

Pirates Vs. Tarzan

While everyone went on Pirates of the Carribean Syrah & I thought we would venture through Tarzan's Treehouse. Something I have never done in the park. We had such a great time, each scene has a page out of the book that you can read.

At the end of the tree house they have an area where you can keep yourself busy. Two ropes allows you to swing from them like Tarzan and everytime you pull on the rope you hear different animal noises (Elephants, monkeys & even Tarzan himself).

If you've seen the movie you know the Monkey's take over the camp and here you can do the same thing. There's a spot you can bang on all the pots & pans you want to make music.

Also, a bit of Disney trivia for you... Did you know that each Disney movie has a tie in to the one before it? That would explain with Mrs. Potts & Chip is watching over us making music in the camp.

Not the best photo of us... but still pretty cute.

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