Friday, December 28, 2007


We decided to take Josiah to work again today since he did so well on Monday, plus it's still really quiet in the office so he wont bug anyone.

And that also meant a trip to the LIBRARY! Not just any library, the downtown library, the library I have been telling Josiah about for months... the library that has 10 floors of books.

When we first walked in we saw the kids book section- which makes any kids section in a Snohomish library look pitiful. There was EVERY kind of book and in several langues. We immediatley got Josiah an application for his own card. Here he is signing it.

But of course the first floor wasn't enough, we took the escaltors up to the 10th floor. It was great, on each escalator we could see the different floors with their shelves of books. Josiah's eyes we huge, he was in awe of all the books.

Here we are on the top floor

It was very cold and windy outside, so I couldn't get a picture of him outside so we went back to the office with our stack of books and took a picture "In front" of the library...

So far it's been a fun day!


kimi said...

where you taking him for lunch?

caceres family said...

We wish we were there with you!! We love the library and books too, it looks like a wonderful morning!!!

jgf said...

Books are so amazing! I love to walk down the aisle and run my hand along the spines to feel the texture of them. I guess you could say I am in awe of books.