Saturday, December 20, 2008

My turn to rant

So it's snowing, I think no matter where you live you are being hit with these "winter storms". For those not in Seattle, when it snows here, the city is paralyzed. It snows a few inches & then it's gone within 48 hours.
Well, the first bit of snow came last Saturday and then it froze, by Tuesday, the roads were still a mess. Wednesday we had the "threat" of snows & schools closed. So Wednesday night we got hit. And now it is Saturday and the next storm is here, another 3-6" are supposed to hit us with lots of wind.

The news is only reporting on one thing, schools are closing. We have come to a stand still. The tempatures have not gone above 30 degrees. I am miserable. I don't know if I have ever expierenced cold like this for such a long time. So here is my rant.

This morning we went to the Super Wal Mart up north and as we drove I am distracted by the beauty of the snow. The news is so negative about it, the icy roads, the chilly tempatures, and so on. But has anyone stopped and reported on teh beauty of the snow. I can't get over how the snow hangs on the evergreens or how the trees void of leaves become snow fille branches. It is amazing, it is beautiful, and peaceful. So as we all stress about transportation, keeping warm, our loved ones, take a second to look out the window & just thank God for the beauty he has created.

(David & Josiah on thier way to sled down the hill).

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