Sunday, July 16, 2006


This year David & I decided to join a long standing tradition in our church. We decided to join several families for the annual camping trip. We have been preparing for this trip for a little over a month now. We purchased everything we needed and packed the car up for a 45 minute drive north of our home to a Christian Camp site named Warm Beach.

We arrived early Thursday morning and got our camp site all set up. The reason why we have never gone to family camp is because I am not really a camper and Family Camp always falls on the week of my birthday, so going camping is not my idea of fun, but this year was going to be different. David & my dear friend Kim set out to make the day a special one. Late in the afternoon I returned to our site to find a Strawberry Shortcake table cloth with party hats, noise makers, birthday cards & a everything else needed for a party, including a nice banner that I wore that said "Birthday Diva" on it. It was definitely a birthday that will go down as one of the best- even if we did have to roast marshmallows in the pouring down rain.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday were also a blast, so much so that I want to go camping again before the end of the summer. Josiah learned to ride his bike and Alex had a blast will all his friends running around the property causing trouble and having fun!

Tomorrow starts another week, one I am not really looking forward too, it will be the first full work week we have had to endure in two weeks- it may not seem like a lot to some, but having some time off has really been wonderful the last few weeks and it will be hard to go back to the daily grind.

Love you all!!!

PS Alex doesn't like having his photo taken so this is the best I got :-( and my camera broke on saturday so I didn't have the chance to take more pics :-(- thank goodness for Ebay!


jgf said...

Another camper is born...

kimi said...


We had such a good time with you guys!

Kimberly said...

CAMP!!! there is no way you are my sister!! I HATE camping unles you count the Hilton or Marriott as camping!!! ;-)