Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Saturday was going to be another HOT day. I have never experienced this kind of heat, it was a heat that made me realize I NEVER would want to or could handle living in Southern California. We were only going to spend ½ the day in Anaheim so we set out to make it a productive day. About ½ way through the day Josiah brave “Tower of Terror” a ride that I had tried to discourage him to go on. But he wanted to be like Alex. When we were done with the ride, Josiah thought it was “Awesome!” when I asked if he wanted to go on it again he said “no, I didn’t like it that much”.

We left the park and drove to Malibu for the Walt Disney Company picnic. It was a lot of fun, but one hour after arriving Josiah had a major melt down and I decided we were done with California. We headed to the airport 6 hours before we needed to with the hope that we could get onto an earlier flight. To my surprise & relief there was a flight 90 minutes after we arrived that had 73 open seats and we were able to hop on. It was an interesting trip home. The DVD player didn’t work and we were both struggling to find something to keep us busy for two hours.

Overall it was a good trip, would I do it again? No Way!! Traveling with a four year old is hard work, traveling with a tired four year old in 100+ degree temperature, in Disneyland was insane.

I have never been happy to leave Disneyland, but on Saturday I was practically running for the car!!
I can’t wait to return to my home away from home. But next time I won’t go alone J.


Kimberly said...

Well I guess this means you will not be coming the NC to visit or bring the kids to WDW!!! :-(

jgf said...

We'll go with you next time.

kimi said...

I'll go next time! I came THIS close to going with you this time! kisskiss avoid the stupid heat!

Kimberly said...

You guys are heat wimps!!! We just spent 4 days at WDW in 90+ degree heat and it was humid!! I will take the west coast heat over the east coast heat anytime!!!