Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Saturday was another day in the park, only today the park was PACKED. I don't remember the last time that many people were in the park. We managed to ride a few more rides and enjoy our time. More shopping and of course Jedi Training (See post above).
Saturday night we enjoyed the Dreams Come True Fireworks display.

I tried really hard to get everyone in a photo, but Gunnar & Alex weren't too cooperative... Christopher is the one in front & Gunnar is hiding in his hood.

Luke is my brother in law... he's the one with his arms crossed probably watching the crowd control they have in Disneyland... let's just say it isn't good crowd control.

Here's Kim posing with Josiah before the fireworks starts-

The fireworks were great, the show starts out with Mary Poppins (Yes I know, it is really Julie Andrews), talking about "One man's dream", what a fantastic show. And what an amazing dream that has come true.

Here is Josiah & David enjoy the spectacular fireworks display and laser show... I can't wait to go back!!!

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