Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Wednesday was a good day. We drove through southern Oregon & most of Califonia.

We hit a little bit of snow in the mountains and in Yreka where we stopped for lunch. Here is Josiah trying to catch some snow on his tongue.

Alex avioding the Camera as usual

Here is a site you don't want to see driving down I-5

Lucky for us it was being towed.

Thursday started out simple enough, we headed out of our hotel around 8:00 in the morning. we stopped by the studio lot to have some fun. This was my dad's first look at a Hollywood studio, now there isn't much to see but it's still fun to say you have been on one. The highlight was this... what I believe to be part of the Black Pearl from Pirates.

There is also a corner called "Pluto's corner" on the lot that has the famous street sign that has been there since the begining. It has a fire hydrant on it, and I am sad to say that Alex had to point out he connection between the name and the fire hydrant (Get it, dog's love fire Hydrant's).

We did some shopping at the studio store then headed off to anaheim. We arrived shortly after 12:00 and waited for my sister Kim, her husband Luke, and her two boys, Chris & Gunnar.

Once they showed up it was off to the park!
Chris & Josiah looking at the map while we wait for Space Mountian

Everyone on the Jungle Cruise

Cool dude, Josiah
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Another cool Josiah Shot

And this shot is one Josiah has been hoping for... he was FINALLY tall enough to ride Indiana Jones... by a fraction of an inch. When the cast member told him he was tall enough we all clapped & cheered! It was a very exciting moment for him, up until we got into the scary line. He didn't want to go but we talked him into it and he loved it!

We had dinner at Goofy's kitchen thursday night. Since My mom, Kim & I were all celebrating our big birthday's this year we got the royal treatment... did I
mention that I am the youngest? Kim turns 40, my mom turns 60 and I am only turning 30.

Not s smart chipmunk... he was asking David if he got the plate for him... he needs to learn that David will smack your hand away if you try and touch his food, I was worried dale may lose his life.

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kimi said...

He's lucky he didn't die. ;)

you got him on INDIANA JONES!! did he love it once he got on it?