Sunday, April 08, 2007


Easter snuck up on us this year. With Baseball season in full swing our lives revolve around that, so much so that we were at WalMart last night at 9:30 buying chocolate bunnies. I never wait that long!

However, I realized today how much I love Easter, and how much my boys are growing. First, it is absolutley wonderful that my three boys dress up. I am so in love with all three of them and it's so neat to see them in their ties and suffering just for me. Second, Church. The songs, the little girls in dresses, the joy I have in my life because of what GOD did for me and all of us. It's just so amazing. I teach kids about the fabulous gift of life we have received every week, but it's not until a morning like this one that I feel refreshed and truly greatful for the life I live.

After church we headed to my moms for the annual egg hunt. A few things I learned: 1- Alex is too old for this and it will probably be the last one he ever does- I know I am sad too. 2-I should figure out my mom's new camera BEFORE I start shooting pictures. I had a great one of the three boys, but it ended up being video, so I will try and get a photo from it.

One of the things I appreciate most about the three guys in my life... they deal with my need for the family photo...I think this was the only decent one out of 12...

Overall it was a nice relaxing day. Rejoicing in the Lord, enjoying the boys and then taking a nap... there is no better Sunday than that.

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