Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Palm Sunday

Josiah sang in church again this Sunday. This time he told us why he didn't like doing it... because we sit in the balcony and it's too far away, so this time we sat front and center. The video is off my digital camera, so it's not that great and I can't zoom in. Josiah is the one behind the kid in the striped shirt- you can't miss him- he's the one that can't sit still.

Here he is after his preformance with a hot chocolat (An Espresso stand is a new addition in our church, it's a great ministry and really helps out, plus I get to fulfill a long time dream of being a Java Diva without having to drink the stuff).

Mikayla... Keith's Daughter. I just adore her. the best part of taking her photo is as soon as she see's the camera she poses. She is a DOLL.

What's Palm Sunday without Palm Branches?

And wait... is that Alex trying to dodge the camera... I think so!

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