Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bryan Adams

Yes I have wierd taste in music. Country is usually my first choice when I'm in the mood for music, and the only thing that trumps country is Bryan Adams. I love that man's music. Now some of you may not realize that he has continued to put out albums, so it's not just the old stuff that I like, it's the new stuff. His albums are FANTASTIC. So when I heard he was coming back to town (Kim & I saw him two years ago, and my sister Kim and I saw him about 15 years ago in Tacoma), I was floored. But it was in a small venue and tickets were pricey. I continued to check wishing I could go, but there were other things more important that Bryan... So the day before the concert, on a whim, I checked ebay, I got two tickets for $20.00. HOLY COW!!! Kim couldn't go, so I sent out an email to our Sunday School class practically BEGGING someone to go with me. Well, my good friend Cassandra emailed me and offered to go. Yahoo! So off we went...

The opening act was DREADFUL to say the least. It was George Thorogood & The destroyers (the greatest bar band). Oh they were bad.. if we had only known!!

Bryan on the other hand was AMAZING. I just LOVE watching him perform.

About two-thirds of the way through Bryan said there were too many empty seats in the front so he said we should all come down. I ditch Cassandra (and my camera!) and headed down. I ended up in the 11th row and it was AMAZING. For the encore Bryan's band left and it was just him and his guitar. So awesome. I can't wait to see him again. Kim and I maybe doing a road trip to Vancouver next time he plays there (he's from there, so he plays there more often than most).
It was a great night and SOOO much fun!!!!

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