Friday, September 21, 2007

The results

Alex first....
he claims his teacher lied to me and that she never asked him to stay after school on wednesday. He said he was going to talk to her this morning. So we will see. Bottom line, homework is number one and if he doesn't do it he doesn't go over to his dad's til it's done.

Well this one was a little tougher. Apparently Josiah has decided to flip a little attitude with the teacher, if he doesn't want to do the assignment he doesn't. So we are looking at a couple of options: 1. is the work to easy? he did a lot of preschool work last year and writing M's over and over is something he is a pro at. 2. Change, Josiah has NEVER done well with change and I mean NEVER. Preschool took a few weeks when he moved classrooms & when a teacher left the school it was a nightmare. So the principal was very nice and we came up with a daily rewards system and today's reward will be whether or not he can share his birthday cookies with the class. I'm on pins & needles waiting to find out.

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Kimberly said...

oh welcome to the joy of boys!!! I will tell you what I did/do

zero's for homework = no tv, freinds, video games.

zero's for homework = school work or reading at the dinning room table or house work.

1 zero = 1 day ~ 2 zero's = 2 days
you get the point

Also ~ a call home equals loss of fav. item or event for 1 weekend, 2 calls = 2 weekends... This is a great way to get some extra house/yard work done for a while.... They are smart..once the realize you will follow through, they will straighten up.

Have fun & call if you need to vent, that what big sisters are for :-)