Sunday, September 02, 2007

What a fun weekend!

We had a fun weekend...
On Saturday we went to the Caceres for a fun afternoon on their property in Lake Stevens. We brought David's brother Nathan with us, he is here from Kentucky and will be around for the next week before he heads home to get ready for his third deployment in Iraq.

Here is me and Katrina, I just adore her. She is an amazing woman of God. (and no I'm not just saying that cause you read the blog!).

They had two good size, blow up, waterslides in their back yard. Josiah spent most of the afternoon on them.

Here's Samuel, Michael & Katrina's oldest son. I enjoyed talking to him about all different kinds of things. He is also a good blogger, you can see his post on the Caceres' blog, linked up above.

Here's Micah, their youngest. He's enjoying the Chocolate fountain and luckily I got this shot in, once he realized I had the camera he hid from me. He is really a cutie.

Simeon McLeod also enjoying the chocolate fountain. It was hard to gage who loved all that chocolate more... the kids or the moms.

Below is Alex Bartlett taking a wap at the pinata. My favorite part of this picture is Katrina in the background giving Micah tips on the best way to hit the star... I thought I was competitive.

Here's Josiah taking a wap at it. Nathan decided to hold the pinata once the top broke so the kids could keep hitting. He had more guts than I would.

We had such a great time and we all slept like logs that night.

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