Friday, February 22, 2008

My Friend, Boot

I want you to meet my new friend. His name is Boot, I know it's not very creative, but I can't think of another name for him.

I first met Boot last July when dealing with my ankle pain. Boot has been a good friend, he has supported me through the pain and stiffness of a bad ankle. And, at the end of July Boot was retired to the closet and Boot was there alone for those several months.

Well last week I had to go in search of Boot. I called out for my dear friend in desparation. You see, two weeks ago something snapped in my ankle. I didn't think anything of it until late the next day I wasn't able to bear any weight on my ankle so the doctor told me to find my friend the Boot.

So here I am with Boot, back in my life, supporting a bad ankle. Boot was saddened on Tuesday when my doctor stated that I should only need to have him around for one more week. And if my ankle didn't get better we should do another MRI to see if a piece hasn't broken off and it isn't floating around in there. If that's the case than it's another surgery. Both Doc and I agreed that another surgery would be a bad thing.

So to my friend-Boot- you maybe around for a lot longer than next week. You may become a lifelong friend.

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