Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wordful Wednesday

Instead of “Wordless Wednesday” today is “Wordful Wednesday” (I know that isn’t a word). I have been pondering the following for days & I hope it makes you ponder a little too.

Last Saturday I was asked, “What did you thank God for this week”. For me that was somewhat easy, other than the obvious things (family, home and food) I answered Mount Rainer as the sun comes up.
On Monday I was listening to a sermon online and in the sermon the Pastor asked “Do you thank God for EVERY little thing?” Did you thank God for getting up this morning? Did you thank God that you knees work? Did you not just thank God for your food, but for the fact that you can lift the spoon to your mouth, or that your mouth can chew it up. Did you thank God that your car started, or that you had a red light to ponder something, maybe Him for just an extra moment.

Now at first I was thinking, yes I thank God for everything always, but then I thought- do I mean it, or am I just rehearsing the same thankfulness that I say every day?

So this morning when I got out of bed and my morning stiffness didn’t last more than a few steps I praised the Lord that my body is beginning to take to these meds. I then thanked God that my lights & water worked in my house. I continued to find things all the way to work and still while I am at work to praise Him for and REALLY mean it. I even had a moment where I thanked Him for the diagnosis of Lupus & Fibro, tears welled up in my eyes, but I was in a joyous, thankful heart for such an amazing answer to my prayers.

So I challenge you today, to find those small things we take for granted and stop to praise Him for He is the author and creator of our faith. Feel free to post comments on what you did today to praise Him for your day- I would love to hear them!

PS- I hope to post more stuff to my blog soon! I have been so tired latey and the blog took a hit. I am feeling refreshed and ready to start posting! Praise the Lord!!!!!


jgf said...

Good advice!

kimi said...

That's it, I'm making you a present today. I'll bring it tonight. kisses!