Monday, February 11, 2008

My weekend

During my quest to figure out why I can't post video from my camera to online I somehow deleted 1/2 of my weekend photos!!!!!

On Saturday I babysat Gabe (my nephew) for the day. Here are some moments that I will get in trouble for.
One of the missing photos is of him trying his first piece of chocolate... a cadberry egg. This pic is from my cell phone- so it isn't good quality.

then I let him play with my mom's laptop- sorry that one got deleted along with Josiah playing on the laptop.

Then we took him to lunch for his first taste of other things.

French fries?

And then there was the Wendy's frosty. I gave him a little taste and he was hooked. Everytime I brought the spoon to my own mouth he followed with his wide open and wasn't happy when I didn't share... sorry no photos of the frosty either.

We had such a good time. He has learned to kiss and coo. He has such a great personallity.

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