Thursday, May 01, 2008

9 Patch Quilt Block Exchange directions

Here are more detailed directions for the block swap. Anyone who would like to participate should bring 50 blocks. We will then determine how many blocks we will trade once I have the final count for the swap. You will leave the swap with the number of blocks you came with. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks Robin for the great directions!!!!!

Robin’s recipe for our Fall 9-Patch Scrappy Swap:

1. Cut 4” (selvage to selvage) 3 darks and 3 lights

2. Sew strips together into 2 sets: 1 set light in middle, 1 set dark in middle

3. While still in long strips: iron to the dark

4. Cut strips into 4” sections. See how the seams will nestle into each other?

5. Sew into 9 patches, alternating dark to light (you can have darks in center, or lights in center)

6. Trim to 10” raw edge (easiest way is to invest in a 10x10 rule square)

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