Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

the whole weekend was going to be a quiet one, but low and behold it wasn't. Saturday we spent most of the days running errands... Then we babysat Gabe for a couple of hours, he is such a good baby and I love playing with him.
How can you say no to these baby blue eyes?

On Sunday we went out to Lake Retreat camp. David's grandparents, Lanny and Loretta where up from Arizona to help out for the weekend. We got a good family shot in front of the gazebo Lanny built for his late wife Alice. It was the first time I had seen it and it was really beautiful. She would have loved sitting there next tot he lake enjoying the laughter of the kids on the water.

And of course my quest for the family photo... I saw the tire swing as an opportunity to frame my fun family...

And there were plenty of other opportunities for more family photos:

Then Alex, Lisa, Sheri, Andrew, David & Josiah took a canoe ride. here are the various photos of them having a good time. Josiah did have to work up a little bit of nerve to get out there, but once he did he was beaming.

Monday we just hung out at home and had a relaxing day.

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kimi said...

looks like you guys had a BLAST! good good times!