Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another Round of Catch up

I am so sorry the blog has been quiet for so long. It has been a CRAZY month. I will finish the couples retreat stuff later, but let me catch you all up on the most recent activities. My Uncle Walt passed away in Las Vegas, NV. So I made another trip to the "sin city" to support my mom & aunt through the funeral and everything else. My sister Kim came out as well and we spent the weekend doing a variety of things... let me share.
His wedding photo- 43 years ago:

I also had never seen a military funeral, and I must say I was AMAZED at how wonderful it was. I have video, but as usual I'm having issues uploading it. i will try later.

My sister and I also enjoyed lunch at the pub where Jason works. It's an Irish pub that was shipped over from Ireland.

The food was really great and over course the service was AMAZING (Thanks Jason!), nothing like making your brother wait on you hand and foot. LOL.

We also spent some time around Las Vegas doing more tourist stuff:

I got to go on the Gondola ride FINALLY! My parents came along, it was a good break from all the services and such that was going on this weekend.

We had an AMAZING Gondola driver guy, he was funny and he could really sing!

We then headed to Fremont street so Kim could see the lights and I finally found a giant slot machine. So for the fun of it, I played it.

Sorry, no giant jackpots.
On Monday we drove out to Boulder, NV to the Veterans cemetary and had the burial. It was 115 degrees that day and I felt every degree...

Monday evening I traveled from Las Vegas to Orange County, CA for a business trip that was already scheduled. It was the shortest flight I had ever been on, and the bumpiest. More on that trip soon. i will also add more photos of Vegas in the coming days.

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