Monday, May 12, 2008

Couples retreat

So I returned from Las Vegas at 1:30 Friday morning and konked out in my nice warm bed. David and I got up that morning and picked up Ben & Cassandra and went to meet Tod & Lorena Gates and Kim & Keith for breakfast before we headed downtown to the victoria clipper.

We boarded the boat for Victoria, BC and we played card games, dice games & catch phrase. Apparently we were a rowdy group, but we had fun!

after checking into our hotel we headed over to parliment to take the tour. Here is some interesting stuff we say.

Photos infront of parliment:

after that we met up with the Monan's for dinner.

We then returned for our first session. The Speaker was GREAT! He had a lot of insight.

All of this was just on Friday :-). I will add saturday to the blog tomorrow.

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SKKD Lambing said...

Cori, hope all is going well in your life. Trips to Vegas for work and funeral went well to be expected.

Hang in there, been praying for you,